Pretty Jewellery for Lovely People!

My name is Dawn and Polly Red is my part time business. You see, the thing is I love to make pretty things, in fact you could say I am addicted. The pretty things that I make can be made of anything, silver, gold, beads, wire, thread, wood, glass & gemstones. 
I make them in my studio in the Northamptonshire countryside where live with my husband and two crazy kids.

I started to learn how to make jewellery in 2010 and I just can't stop, I am still on my learning journey, I like to think I am getting better at it and I sell the pieces I make to you lovely people. Buy them for yourselves, your mum, your sister your friend happy in the knowledge that you have just made a 40 something woman smile and do a happy dance because you bought something I made.

My business name Polly Red comes from my Mum who was the most creative person I know and where I like to think my creativity comes from.

I'd love you hear from you, if you have a request for a custome order on fancy leaving a review of somethig you have bought from our store.

Pop in from time to time to see what I'm up to, it would be lovely to see you x