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    Back in March I was exhibiting at the Milton Keynes Vintage and Handmade fair and I was approached by Nicki who had spotted one of my headpieces on the stall and thought it would be perfect for her forthcoming wedding. She tried it on and loved it but was uncertain whether it would match her dress. I re-assured her that I could match it to the colours in her dress and she was able to provide me with a photo of her gown. As you can see from the photo below it is a stunning dress, designed by Jenny Packham who is rumoured to be designing Adele's wedding dress. I was so excited to be matching a headpiece to a designer gown. Nicki's choice is also very now with the release of The Great Gatsby this week!

    Photo Courtesy of Jenny Packham


    I had a consultation with Nicki at her home and she was able to provide me with the spare beads from the dress and the spare sequins from the flowers at the centre of the dress. From these I was able to match the wire and beads perfectly. Nicki also requested that the tiara band be covered to match her hair and I was able to do this with ribbon. During the process I was able to send photos to Nicki to keep her informed and to ensure that she was 100% happy. The following picture is of the samples that I sent to Nicki. The centre beads are the spares from the dress and the sequins were used to match the wire.


    I'm delighted to say that Nicki married Julian at the weekend and had the most amazing day and looked stunning. Below is a picture of Nicki, she will be sending me some professional pictures when they are done and the final picture is my one of the finished headpiece. If you'd like to commission your own headpiece please get in touch I be very delighted to help you.Nicki


  2. Recently I was asked where my business name came from as my name isn't Polly

    The name comes from my Mum, her name was Pauline or Polly for short and Red comes from her surname which was Redmond. She was a very creative person, and ever since I was little she would knit and sew. In her later years she got into card making and had a dedicated craft room where she used to sit and make her beautful cards. Obviously my need to create things comes from her!

    Sadly Mum passed away very suddenly almost seven years ago shortly after the birth of my daughter and one of the last cards she made was a card for me congratulating me on the birth of her first grandaughter.

    I am now able to share the story of my business name and can smile as get to remember her everyday because of it.

    Here is a picture of us together when I was just 2.

    dawn n mum