Who is Polly Red?

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Recently I was asked where my business name came from as my name isn't Polly

The name comes from my Mum, her name was Pauline or Polly for short and Red comes from her surname which was Redmond. She was a very creative person, and ever since I was little she would knit and sew. In her later years she got into card making and had a dedicated craft room where she used to sit and make her beautful cards. Obviously my need to create things comes from her!

Sadly Mum passed away very suddenly almost seven years ago shortly after the birth of my daughter and one of the last cards she made was a card for me congratulating me on the birth of her first grandaughter.

I am now able to share the story of my business name and can smile as get to remember her everyday because of it.

Here is a picture of us together when I was just 2.

dawn n mum

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