What Fairytales are made of

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My latest wire and beaded creation has been my most imaginative so far. I was asked if I could make carriage for a fairytale themed photo shoot and jumped at the chance. Looking for inspiration I consulted by most knowledgable advisor, my daughter Isabelle. She knows her stuff when it comes to all things "princess" and is truly an expert in her field. We spoke about the Cinderella story and how the carriage was made from a pumpkin and a made some preliminary sketches. I decided to use beads in orange tones to bring through the pumpkin theme and set about making a wire frame. The wire was moulded into 4 cirlcle shapes using a plant pot and each end made into a spiral to form the the top. The wheels were also made with sprials of wire and once I had attached it all together I began filling the frame with a selection of glass beads in orange tones. When I finished I decided that one final flourish would finish it off so made some small leaves from wire and filled them with seed beads and then made some trailing vines to attach them to the carriage. The project took 12 hours to complete and i am really pleased with the result. Isabelle is too and I have told her that once the fashion show is complete and the carriage comes back home it is hers to keep. Here she is holding it

.cinderella carriage

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  1. karen yvonne hills

    just love it. fantastic.x

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  3. jocelyn hawkins

    Fantastic - love it

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  4. Suzanne Mitchell

    Enchanting work - i love it

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  5. Tracy Brown

    Very creative x

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